is the meeting point of cannabis lovers that believe in responsible and free usage of the plant, for therapeutic or recreational purposes. We work very hard to always offer professional advice for all of our members.

With that purpose, we guarantee the top quality of our products through representatives that take care of regular quality control inspections on crops. We take great pride on the service and products we offer.


Everyone that desires to join HeadBanger club has to provide a medical report that certifies the need to use medical marijuana. If you don’t have a valid medical report, we can take care of it. For that, we have few requirements:

    • Send us a private message before coming
    • Present a valid ID
    • Show up only during opening hours
  • Become a Member

    Welcome Headbanger!

    You're a legal member, now what?

    Once you have become a valid member of our private social club, you will be informed of your rights and obligations. In case of any misuse or inadequate attitude of any of our members, directives will take the necessary measures to deal with the situation

    All member should be aware and bide by the rules that are explained to them at the moment of their registration. To access the club is mandatory to present the member ID and a valid identification document. HeadBanger Club is committed to the responsible and safe consumption of cannabis by all its members

    HeadBanger Club will deny the entrance to all members that show to be under the effects or possession of alcohol or any other substances forbidden by the rules. Any of these faults will be considered reason enough to be expelled temporarily or permanently from the club